Upgrades, Re-posts, and Hiccups

As I get things going here I would just like to take a moment a point out some things.

With the older “toy” posts from the original Facebook Page I do as much re-writing as I can but I’ve hit what’s probably the first of many instances where anything new I write simply wouldn’t capture my original reaction and thoughts as well as the original so I do a mostly direct transfer. The movies are also direct transfers since the break-down and reviews are already written; “fake reaction” isn’t something I do, writing has to be spontaneous or else I think too long on what to write.

I generally aim for a new movie each week, typically around either Friday or Saturday, and originally did a “lame” or “cool” toy every Tuesday with anything weird that I found or experienced sprinkled throughout the week. At the moment I’m looking at apartment rentals and homes so I’ve been going between states every other week or so and I’ve recently had to start tracking my budget carefully. So the goal right now is to keep the weekly movie, cover “lame” or “cool” when I can, as regularly as budget allows, and to continue sharing everything weird that I come across.

So while my output can and does fluctuate, my goal is always to provide content in one form or another. There’s still a good amount of stuff in my blog folder to act as a buffer and it doesn’t look like people will ever stop making garbage movies so things are looking good.

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