Cool Toys with Alex, Part 1: Connex Crocodile Snap


This fact is well-known to both those who know me and early followers of the original posts but I collect alligators and crocodiles in any form that I can find. So went I originally saw this “Build-It-Yourself” game a thought process wasn’t even initiated in my brain.

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It came with a bunch of plastic bits and a sticker sheet. Oh god, sticker sheets. I hate the things because I’m such a perfectionist. Putting the game together wasn’t difficult since it consists entirely of putting square pegs into square holes. Even I can do that.

One concern with the whole thing. See those three little springs to the left of front? All the wires plug into them below the board, and by “plug-in” I mean that the ends of all the wires aren’t insulated so you jam them through and up into the spring. That means that while the game is running you have these little live conductors sitting there. Parents, supervise your children while playing! Remember, I’m a professional fool.

Being that this came from the same store as Robo Power and every non-functional solar-powered robot kit that I have, I had a near-religious moment when I popped the battery in and, due to the power switch being put on backwards, the game immediately sprang to life and the crocodiles started chomping. Success!

Yes, it’s vertical. I didn’t do a lot of planning when all this first started.

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