(Weird) Watching with Alex, Episode 3: What a Wreck

The Wrecking Crew vs The Zombies [2015]
Directed/Written by: Scott Thieman, Stephen Blair & Claude Miles
Featuring: Munson Henderson, Brandon Scott, James VanMeter & Spencer Korcz
Catnippery Productions LLC
Category: Independent zombie flick

The title left me wondering for weeks, “Just who are the “world-famous Wrecking Crew”? Having watched it I still have no idea who or what they are. Scouring the internet leads me to the conclusion that they only exist in this movie. As for what they do, I’m also left guessing. They look and act like amateur wrestlers but carry a trunk-load of All The Weapons to take on pretty much anything one might encounter in the hills of Kentucky. Whatever their gig, they’re on their way to a convention but have to stop over at a Big Creepy House. I don’t remember why but the main reason seems to be because that’s where the Evil Doctor with the Zombie Lab is. Evil Doctor tries to turn them into zombies, they escape and the zombies break out. What follows is a fifteen minute succession of walking in slow-motion and shooting or hacking zombies before going to a bar and then killing more zombies.

Favored Ability: CON. You’re going to need a lot of it, even with the twenty minute run-time.

Rating: 1/5 (Poor) (+1 Effort?)

Obviously speaking from a script only works if you absolutely go with it. These fellows don’t, if anything them spend a lot of time just standing in frame, acting confused and speaking out of sync when they’re all supposed to be surprised. Character motivation is either absent or forgotten a minute later.

This is all the information either I or you will find online about this movie. Don’t ask me how it got a 6.5 rating.

Actually, this isn’t the kind of short film that I should even be breaking down. If you’ve got a Roku, got watch it on TEN TV and witness for yourself, IF YOU DARE!

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