Lame Toys with Alex, Part 2: Minicon

This little Transformer was the first of several times that I would pick something cheap up because it looked fun only for it to end up being part of a much larger whole; Five Below is truly a place to keep one’s guard up in.

The little robot, once I took time to actually look at the back of the package, was part of a series of bots that went with an App Game. The gimmick was to scan the symbol on each robot you collected to unlock it as a playable fighter in the game. As would be expected there was a lot of re-painting going on.

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I liked the color scheme and imagined transformation of this one (They all turned out to be one-step changers so death to my fun.) so I went with it. “Swelter” transforms simply by separating the feet and pulling the legs apart, causing the arms and head to come out. I never really did decide what that alt-mode was supposed to be but the robot does look pretty good with all those clear yellow flames and pipes attached.

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