(Weird) Watching with Alex, Episode 1: Breakfast Impossible, An Indie Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Impossible [2011]
Directed/Written by: Billy T. Boyd, Steve Guynn & Claude Miles
Catnippery Productions LLC
Category: Independent mini-series

A space elevator? Parallel universes and alternate dimensions? Shaved cats and space yetis? CHEESE?! There’s only one rule, “Anything is possible at breakfast time.”, and in Breakfast Impossible that means glorious independent chaos! Captain Casual watches over Earth and Space with the help of:

Cee-Law-Dee, techno supreme and the coolest cat around, he runs his Undersea Interdimesional Space Disco with the help of his cohort, Papoosa, an intergalactic possum.

Mellow Fellow, master of meditation and smoker of cat hair. Always collected and with beer in hand, he’s usually the one to cool down a bad situation.

Yeti, an enigmatic hairy being from another dimension who has come to save Earth. A tall, shaggy yet surprisingly unimposing figure (once you get to know him) in a white suit, the Yeti is one of few words yet also a fountain of wisdom. And cheese, also cheese.

Green screens, zany dialogue, bizarre baddies, low-res CGI, clunky droids, and shenanigans are the order of the day on Breakfast Impossible. This series is very indie so if you fancy yourself a production value snob, feel above some middle school humor, or just don’t go in for anything without a big name in front of it, this isn’t for you. But since you’re here right now reading this, chances are good that you’ll find something to enjoy in each of the ten episodes.

Favored Ability: CHA. Everyone had a blast making this and it really shows.

Rating: 4/5 (Above Average) (+1 Psychotropic Cats, +1 Giant Robot, +1 Giant Disco Cannon, +1 Character Charisma)

It’s fitting to start off Watching with Breakfast Impossible because I so rarely see anything like it. Right from the cheesy CG spaceship flying through the intro song I knew I had just made a good viewing choice. With a run time between eight and ten minutes, each episode is funny without the joke dragging on to the point where it collapses under its own weight.

Breakfast Impossible is available for viewing on the following services:
Official Channel

Promotional Photo by Billy Boyd – © 2011

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