The Beginning: Lame Toys with Alex, Part 1: Robo Power!

This is where everything started: Robo Power. The very first Lame Toy with Alex post that led to encouragement to make a blog. My birthday had recently passed and I had some gift money left over so like any responsible adult I went and dropped $50 at Five Below.

That was how I ended up being suckered into having to get Lego Dimensions in order to build the Emmet and Bad Cop sets I grabbed because I didn’t know what “Dimensions” was and just thought they were cool mini sets. That led me down a spiraling path of feeling the need to collect more characters in order to use their abilities to complete more sections of each game zone. I would hover around the stupid displays resisting the urge to buy further into a game play style that I’d always mocked. I’d make lists narrowing down the minimum characters needed to acquire every ability in the game needed to collect every last item and piece.

What were we talking about?

Robo Power. It was a sign that I had something to start with. See, there were only two of these left on the shelf. When I got back to the house and put in some fresh batteries, nothing happened. There were no Actions, Lights, or Sounds to be had. I went so far as trying to take the thing apart to find the source of the problem but in the end I was left with the simple fact that I had chosen the dud.

So back I went with the receipt and defective Robo in the hope of exchanging it for the other one. Would it surprise you to learn that it had been bought and that there weren’t any more in the back? I ended up refunding it for $5, something that I regret more than a bit now; Even if it didn’t work, it was still a crazy looking, broken-ass toy as well as the subject of the first entry and had some potential shelf appeal.

I like to think that the working one went to a happy child.

Yeah, it went to another “me”. Definitely.

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